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Description: Spigot is a placeable item that can be used to fill water troughs, half barrels, and cauldrons when connected to a Block O' Water.


Renewable: Yes


Yes (64)
Tool: Pickaxe (Any)
Blast Resistance: N/A
Hardness: N/A
Luminant: No
Transparent: No
Flammable: No
Flammable (Lava): No


Spigots come in a single (gray) color.
2 spigots can be crafted with 4 Iron Nuggets and 1 Iron Ingots.



Place a Spigot on a full block for a wall-mounted faucet variant, or on the ground/fence/wall block for a hand-pump variant.

When within a 15 block radius of a Block O' Water, right-clicking a spigot can supply infinite water to half barrels, water troughs, cauldrons and empty buckets. Each right-click dispenses 1 bucket worth of water to compatible items.

  • Half barrels and troughs provide water for horses. Requires 3-16 buckets of water depending on item/size.
  • Cauldrons can provide water for players (+/- other modded entities). Filled with a single use.
  • Water buckets require are filled in a single use.

Spigots will not work with items that are on the same y-level as them - to have a functional spigot it must be on a level directly above the item, and directly in front/behind of or in contact with the item itself. For multi-block water troughs, the spigot will work provided it has proper contact with at least one section of the trough.

The spigot does not directly dispense water if there is not a compatible item to use - to place water directly the player will need to use a hose

Spigots can be used for some crafting recipe to avoid having to use water buckets in a crafting table, instead just right-click a spigot with the item. Compatible recipes include:

  • Paint filler (goop)
  • Slimeball (rotten flesh)
  • Refined leather (treated leather)


A wall-mounted faucet. Demonstrates proper use with half-barrels, water troughs and cauldrons.


A ground / hand-pump spigot. Demonstrates possible working uses with water troughs and half-barrels.

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MC Version Release Notes
1.18.2-1.2.1 [Beta] [Bug Fix] Standing spigot dispenses water on right-click (Bug in 1.0.0)
1.18.2- [Beta] Spigot recipe change - reducing iron and increasing yield slightly.
1.16.5 1.16.5-

[Deprecated Recipe]


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