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Tack Box

Description: A tack box is a retaining inventory item that holds tack, information, and various items.


Renewable: Yes


Yes (64)
Tool: Axe (Any)
Blast Resistance: N/A
Hardness: N/A
Luminant: No
Transparent: No
Flammable: No
Flammable (Lava): No


Tack boxes come in all 16 base Minecraft colors.
A Tack Box can be crafted with 4 Iron Ingots, 2 Star Worms, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Chest and 1 Dye of the chosen color.


You can shift and right-click a placed tackbox with a dye in hand to recolor it at any time to re-purpose existing boxes.


Bind a tack box to a horse by right clicking a tamed SWEM Horse with a tack box in hand. Once bound a confirmation message will appear above the inventory hotbar.



You cannot open and use a placed tack box unless it is bound to a SWEM Horse

Tack boxes (whether bound or unbound) can be placed by right-clicking as with a normal chest. Two tack boxes placed side by side will become a double tack box - this is purely for cosmetic purposes and double tack boxes do not offer any extra space or features. To prevent  tack boxes becoming double, crouch and right click to place as individual (single) boxes side by side. If double tack boxes are broken in survival, the items will be shifted into the remaining single tackbox. 

Tack Storage
Tack boxes are offer storage for your tack, and optional spaces for other items needed - they have a retaining inventory, and will keep their items when broken so you can pick up your tack box and go! The first page is for the physical storage of a Tack Box. Each tack box can hold (shown from left to right of box):

  • A Halter, Saddlebag and one of either: Armor, Armored Pasture Blanket or Pasture Blanket 
  • A full set of Western Tack (Bridle, Saddle, Breastcollar, Saddle blanket, Leg Wraps, Girth)
  • A full set of English Tack (Bridle, Saddle, Breastcollar, Saddle blanket, Leg Wraps, Girth)
  • A full set of Adventure Tack (Bridle, Saddle, Breastcollar, Saddle blanket, Leg Wraps, Girth)
  • Up to 9 items of the players choosing

This page also displays:

  • The tracker status of a horse (Red = Untracked, Green = Tracked)
  • The needs status of a horse (Food and Water)
  • The trust status of a horse (All, Trusted or None)

When a horse is un-rendered (not close) the needs status bar will be grayed out completely.

Birth Certificate 
The second page is the Birth Certificate screen. Here you can see the name, owner and skill stats for the horse the Tack Box is bound to. This page will have more information in V2 release.

Lineage & Genetics 
The third page is the Lineage & Genetics screen. While SWEM has added basic vanilla style reproduction, there is no genetics or lineage tracking of SWEM horses until V2. 

The fourth page is the Progression screen. Hovering over the points on the image will identify achievements the player has unlocked in game.


Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [-] Achievement "tech tree" does not work.
  • [-] 1.16.5 Tack boxes become unbound and cannot be accessed when a horse is not nearby. Fixed in 1.18.2-1.2.8
  • [-] 1.16.5 Information not syncing between horse and tack box (shows critically thirsty or hungry) Fixed in 1.18.2-1.2.8


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Release Notes
Tack boxes can be dyed to any other color.
Tack boxes have a retaining inventory (keep items when broken).
[Feature] Tackbox displays a blank (gray) bar if horse is not nearby (rendered).
[Bug Fix] Tackbox does not become unbound if the player changes dimensions.
[Bug Fix] Tackbox can now be opened even if horse is not nearby (rendered).
[Bug Fix] Tackbox does not become unbound if a horse dies. 
1.16.5 1.16.5- [Bugs] Various bugs (listed as fixes above)

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