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Horse Information



Coat Name:

Coat Color: Bay

Pink Muzzle

White Star & Stripe

Light Hooves (LF, RF, LH, RH)

White Pastern (LF)

White Socks (RF, LH, RH)

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Coat Information

Data Value:



Lapis / Redstone


Historical Horses
Version Added: V1 (Beta)
Artist: Stardust



Valegro (born 5 July 2002) is a gelding ridden by the British equestrian Charlotte Dujardin in the sport of dressage. He stands 16.2 hands (66 inches, 168 cm) and has the stable name of Blueberry.

Valegro remained unbeaten since CDI Kapellen in January 2012. The combination became part of the team which won gold in a European Dressage Championships event in Rotterdam. They then won the FEI World Cup grand prix at London Olympia in 2011, setting a world record for the Olympic grand prix special discipline scoring 88.022%, in April 2012. Selected to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Summer Olympics, in the first round they set a new Olympic record of 83.784%. At the 2013 European Championships in Herning, Charlotte and Valegro won both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special with 85.94% and 85.69%. At Olympia 2013 he beat the Grand Prix Freestyle world record (by around 2%) he set the new record to 93.975%. At Olympia 2014 he improved his own Grand Prix Freestyle world record (94.3%) and his own Grand Prix world record (87.46%). Valegro also achieved a gold medal in the individual dressage at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a score of 93.857%, and was an integral part of the Silver medal winning Team for Great Britain, at the same event.

In 2016 Breyer released a model of Valegro. On 14 December 2016, Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin marked his retirement from competition with a performance given at the London International Horse Show 2016 and televised live by the BBC. It was followed by a farewell ceremony with Valegro's owners, and companions Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Alan Davies


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