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Lady Guinevere




Horse Information



Coat Name:

Lady Guinevere
Coat Color: Black Dapple
Markings: White Irregular Stripe
Pink Snip
White Birdcatcher Spots
Silver Dapples (Widespread)
White Socks (LF, RF, LH, RH)
Striped Hooves (LF, RF, LH, RH)
Silver Mane & Tail
Eye Color: Light Cyan
Coat Information

Data Value:



Lapis / Redstone


Staff Appreciation
Version Added: V1 Beta
Artist: Arishant



Lady Guinevere is the appreciation coat of Senior Coat Artist, Arishant. To date, Arishant is the artist with the greatest number of in-game coat contributions (over 45!), and is well known for their super speedy output and willingness to take on all kinds of challenging coats.

On the official SWEM coat document, Lady Guinevere is listed as a dappled black. However, their appearance and underlying genetics looks to suggest a rather fantastical combination of Silver (Silver Dapple) as well as Birdcatcher spot markings.

Lady Guinevere was based off of the dapple black thoroughbred in Red Dead Redemption and was named in honor of child Jack Marston who was quite fond of stories of knights of the round table and Arthurian tales. As a mount, Lady Guinevere could be describe as almost fearless, often helping to escape dangerous obstacles in the wild west such as wolf packs or cougars. Her SWEM coat was changed somewhat from the Lady Guinevere in RDR2, to include some of Arishant's favorite coat traits, such as birdcatcher spots and a faded blanket appaloosa on the top of her rear.


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