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Desensitization Items

Description: Desensitization Items are a group of items that can help raise Affinity with SWEM Horses.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Durability: None



Shopping Bag

Shopping bags come in only one color.
A shopping bag can be crafted with 3 Dried Kelp.



Tarps come in only one color.
A tarp can be crafted with 4 Dried Kelp.



Hoolahoops come in only one color.
A hoolahoop can be crafted with 4 Sticks.



Bells come in only one color.
Bells can be crafted with 1 Refined Leather and 3 Buttons (any vanilla button).


Pom pom

Pom Poms come in only one color.
A pom pom can be crafted with 3 Sugarcane and 1 Stick.




Desensitization items are used to make a horse resilient to 'scary' stimulus and improving the trust (connection) with their rider. In game, use of desensitization items increases a horse's Affinity

To use any of these items, right click a SWEM Horse while holding the item. Initially they will respond with Red (Angry) particles and could buck or rear, indicating they are frightened. As you continue to right click, eventually they will emit Gray (Meh) particles to show the item is tolerated - you will receive no Affinity.

You can only use one desensitization item each (Minecraft) day. The item can be used up to 7 times per day. After 3 days of consecutive use, horses will become accustomed to it and gains a bonus 150XP for affinity experience. On successfully becoming accustomed to an item, the horse will display purple woot particles. After this, they cannot receive any further affinity with that specific item. 

A frightened and bucking horse can harm nearby entities. Nearby horses may kick out if harmed, and can initiate a fatal 'kick-off'. It is recommended you use desensitization items in a controlled area such as an arena or roundpen.

Known Issues

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MC Version Release Notes
1.18.2 1.18.2-1.2.4 [Beta] [Bug Fix] Desensitization items no longer give huge XP bonus on initial use.

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