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Booster Shot

Description: Booster shots are a single-use item with a potion-like effect to increase maximum health stats in a horse.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Durability: Yes (1 use)


Booster shots be crafted in survival by default - this can be configured in the recipe config.

Potion brewing uses blaze powder - use Cantazarite (+ other ingredients) to make blaze rods without visiting the nether!

Nether Wart and 3 Water Bottles in a brewing stand yields 3 Awkward Potions. 


Glistering Melon (Minecraft) and 3 Awkward Potions in a brewing stand yields 3 Healing Potions. 


Golden Carrot and 3 Potions of Healing in a brewing stand yields 3 Booster Shots.



Healing Item
Right-clicking a Horse with a Booster Shot will apply a +20pts (10 hearts) to their maximum health and set current health to the same (maximum) value. If the horse sustains damage, they will naturally regenerate up to that maximum value over time - this can be sped up with splash healing potions, modded healing items, or fly spray.

Booster shots are single-use (consumed) and cannot be re-used. Horses can be administered a booster shot while the booster effect is active, but it will only increase their current health (as above) and reset the duration of effect, it will not add any further increase to maximum health. 

Booster Shots have a limited duration of effect - by default they last 600 minutes (~30 Minecraft Days). This value can be configured to shorten or extend the duration for SP or MP use. Giving a booster shot to a wild horse will maintain the effect on taming, provided it has not expired. 

You can view a horse's health by shift + right clicking to open the needs / inventory GUI.


Booster shots were added for the SWE (VIP) server to help survival players keep their horses alive while adventuring. Survival gameplay has always presented a challenging task of keeping horses healthy amidst the many dangers of survival; falling into ravines, hostile mobs, inherent issues such as block suffocation. It was hoped that by giving a non-overpowered, temporary means of making horses more robust for exploration purposes, players might be able to avoid unnecessary losses and servers could create a small 'vet service' feature for administering them if desired.  

Known Issues

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1.18.2 1.18.2-1.3.0-11 Implemented booster shots as a new healing item.

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