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Fuel Block

Description: A Fuel Block can be used as a source of fuel for Furnaces.

Fuel block was moved to SWPM and removed from SWEM as of the 1.18 version.


Renewable: Yes


Yes (64)
Tool: Pickaxe (Any)
Blast Resistance: N/A
Hardness: N/A
Luminant: No
Transparent: No
Flammable: No (See Usage)
Flammable (Lava): No


Fuel Blocks come in a single (purple) color.
A Fuel Block can be crafted with 8 Flint and 1 Dirt.



Fuel Blocks can sustain a permanent fire, similar to netherack or coal ore, when lit with a flint and steel. They can also be placed in furnaces, blast furnaces or smokers to power them. They are equal to coal or charcoal (80 seconds - up to 8 items per unit). All materials used to craft fuel blocks are nearly infinite and easily found or produced, as well as often being considered a waste or limited use resource, so represent a relatively cheap and easy alternative to coal for smelting. 

Additional: Adding SWPM to your modpack allows for the addition of a recipe that smelts quartz into flint. Making an even easier sourcing for Fuel Block to be used as a reliably cheap fuel source. (Quartz is not considered to be cheap, however it rarely is required in high quantities so there's normally many left over and gathering is relatively easy as well as beneficial).


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