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Description: A Hose is an item that can remove SWEM Horse pee stains from blocks and fill troughs and half barrels in range of a Block O' Water.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Durability: None


Hoses come in a single (green) color.
A hose can be crafted with 6 Wool Carpet (any) and 1 Iron Ingot.



Hoses/Spigots requiring a Block O' Water is a configurable value in common configs. It is enabled (true) by default.

Water Source
Hoses within a 15 block radius of a Block O' Water will display a small inventory texture indicator that they are connected to a water source. When the player is out of range, the indicator will change from blue to transparent. 

Right clicking a puddle of horse Pee while holding a hose will clear it. A hose will clean pee puddles regardless of whether there is a Block O' Water nearby. The hose will be ineffective against Shavings and should be cleared up with a pitchfork instead.

Right clicking troughs and half barrels will fill one water level per use.  

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • Cannot be used to clean pee in adventure or in protected areas on Multiplayer.


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Release Notes
1.20.1 1.20.1-1.3.0 [Bug Fix] Hose could not be crafted due to change in minecraft:carpet tag
Hose has an inventory texture when connected to a block of water.
Hose no longer places a source of water on the ground if right-clicked.
1.18.2-1.0.0 Hose recipe changed from Wool Blocks to Carpet, accepts any item with a minecraft:carpet tag (including modded carpets).
1.16.5 1.16.5-

[Deprecated Recipe]


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