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Cantazarite Anvil

Description: An anvil that can be used like a normal anvil, but is specially designed for use with SWEM items. 


Renewable: Yes


Yes (4)
Tool: No
Blast Resistance: Yes
Hardness: N/A
Luminant: No
Transparent: No
Flammable: No
Flammable (Lava): No


Cantazarite Anvils come in a single (orange) color.
A Cantazarite Anvil can be crafted with 7 Cantazarite Blocks. This equates to 63 total pieces of Cantazarite.



Repairing SWEM items (armor and tools) does not require experience points, instead it uses certain ores and cantazarite that can be found in small veins underground. This abundant resource makes repairing your costly armor and tools an investment that can be maintained for a long time with good care, unlike other powerful vanilla armors that cannot be as easily maintained without mending enchantments.

  • Riding Boots require ores relative to their material tier - ie Iron ingots to repair iron boots.

The cantazarite anvil can also be used to apply enchantment books to SWEM and vanilla tools or armor and naming items or nametags. The benefit of a cantazarite over a normal anvil, is the cantazarite anvil does not deteriorate with use and offers its benefits easier to beginning-game given its considered 'cheap' to make. Renaming items in the Cantazarite Anvil is always free and requires or consumed no experience levels.


Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [-] 1.18 Cantazarite armor can be combined with enchanting books for free using the cantazarite anvil. Fixed in 1.20.
  • [-] 1.18 Netherite Riding Boots cannot be repaired in the cantazarite anvil with a corresponding ore. Fixed in 1.20.
  • [~] 1.16 SWEM player armor cannot be repaired via Cantazarite Anvil unless replaced.


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Release Notes
Amethyst Armor uses Cantazarite again to repair all SWEM armor types.
[Bug Fix] Combining enchantment with Amethyst armor has normal XP costs.
[Bug Fix] Netherite riding boots can be repaired.
[Bug Fix] GUI turns bright red/orange in typing slot.
1.18.2-1.3.0 Cantazarite anvils rename items for free (requires no XP).

Riding Boots needs their ore tier - ie Iron ingots repair iron boots.

1.18.2-1.0.0 Cantazarite Recipe changed tofull Cantazarite Blocks - balances the value of anvils (unbreakable) and the abundance of resources.
1.16.5 1.16.5-5.3.21

[Deprecated Recipe]


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