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Flight Feather

Description: Flight feather is a magical item obtained from Amethyst Horse Armor.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Durability: 40 Uses


Flight Feathers come in a single (purple and white) color.
A flight feather can be crafted with (any) Amethyst-tier Horse Armor and Shears.


This recipe returns the armor and shears as well as yielding a single feather. Horse armor can only be sheared once.

Flight Feathers cannot be crafted if the recipe config is set to permit only creative or commands (disable crafting recipe).


Right-clicking with a flight feather in hand launches the holder 11 blocks up into the air. Each use has ~15 second cooldown. This cooldown effect is applied across all feathers the player has or picks up.

The flight feather is intended to be combined with Amethyst Riding Boots (slow fall) or Elytra, which will prevent taking fall damage on descent. This quick upwards propulsion could be used to escape from holes, climb sheer terrain faces or scale obstacles as well as make speedy vertical escape from an attack by hostile mob(s) in a survival situation. 

Flight feathers have a limited number (40) of uses. The lifespan of feathers can be extended with Unbreaking and Mending enchantments. 

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [-] Flight Feathers are intended to be repairable via the cantazarite anvil using shining amethyst shards.



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1.18.2 1.18.2-1.3.0 Implemented the flight feather.

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