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Horse Data

The Horse Data file (1.18.2+) adds information on horses within the world and allows players or servers to reference information that would otherwise be inaccessible outside of code or NBT explorers / editors. 

MultiMC: Instance > Minecraft Folder (Right Sidebar) > Saves > [World Name] > Serverconfig > swem > horsedata.json
CurseForge: Profile > ... (next to play) > Open Folder > Saves > [World Name] > Serverconfig > swem > horsedata.json
Forge (Windows): [user]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves/[world name]/serverconfig/swem/horsedata.json
Forge (Mac): ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/[world name]/serverconfig/swem/horsedata.json
Servers: World > Serverconfig > swem > horsedata.json

Horse Data Explained

Horse Data is only a reference source and cannot be changed to adjust entity data or remove entities in game!

Horse Data can be opened via a text editor (ie Notepad) and provides the following information:

Data Definition
Horse ID  The horse's unique identifier (UUID)
Horse name  Nametagged name or 'SWEM Horse' if N/A
Owner ID  The current owner's unique identifier (UUID) 
Owner Name  The name of the current owner as displayed in the horse GUI
Dimension The dimension they were in (on last info save)
Position The X, Y and Z coordinates they were at (on last info save)
'Is Dead' The status of a horse as either alive (false) or deceased (true)
Inventory Data  The data of tack slots (air = no item in slot)
Progression Data 
The data of skill levels and training
Jump / Speed / Affinity default = 0 (level 1), health = 1 (level 1)
Days 'swiped' = Uses of desensitization items
Desensitization items = ??

Data is saved routinely and may not reflect changes to information (ie location) post-save. SP worlds require a save / exit to update the data file, whereas servers can usually access info accurate to within a few minutes without a shutdown. 


The horse data has many potential uses - even as a reference only source:

  • Find information on current horses in the world, search by specifics such as name / owner ID.
  • Moderation: Investigate potential misuse of exploits or rule breaking involving SWEM horses.
  • Management: Search by owner to ensure adherence to ownership limits. (See below)
  • Management: Facilitate resolving issues (bugs etc) by being able to reinstate evidenced stats or data.
  • Resurrection: Reference a deceased horse's last known stats to offer 'resurrection'. (See below)
  • Relocation: Find the last known location of a horse to find missing entities or narrow search radius. (See below)

Horse Ownership

World Owners (SP) or Server staff with console access (MP) can of course search (Ctrl+F) for an owner's UUID in horse data and determine currently owned horses - alive or deceased - and information such as location and stats. This may provide useful for servers in moderation where imposed restrictions on number of owned horses exists and there is concern for misuse.

However, horse data and the horse owner data entry offers the most significant feature built into the game; searching by criteria for this specific information. With adequate permissions, the following commands can be run:

/swem horse owned list <player>   List the number of owned horses (and the names if nametagged) of a specific player.

/swem horse owned search <#>         List the names of players and # of horses owned that exceeds the limit of # owned.


Horses Data was implemented with the intention to enable in-game resurrection further into development.

Horse Data does not currently offer a way to resurrect horses in game, or alter the state of a horse via file editing. However, for servers that want to offer a low exploit-risk resurrection service (free or at cost) the horse data file contains most, if not all, the required information to create a new horse and reinstate the last-known skill levels, equipment and owner. 

Similarly, SP users can utilise the information in much the same way if they want to recreate a previous horse as accurately as possible.


Horse Data does not save constantly, so coordinate locations may reflect the exact location of a horse on the move.

Horse Data does not currently offer a way to relocate horses in game, or alter the location of a horse horse via file editing. What it can do is provide a good starting location and dimension to conduct a manual search, or to narrow down search radius for searching via Minecraft commands. This information removes the necessity of using external NBT explorers, spending time searching when location commands fail (or cannot be used due to lack of a name / unknown exact name / many entities with the same name), leaving players hoping someone will find them in the future or even futile searching for a horse that may no longer be alive. 


The Horse Data file should be safe to delete if it become corrupted or remove outdated information on deceased horses. It will regenerate with data of new and existing horses (provided they are loaded by a player). It will not reinstate the data of deceased horses prior to resetting the file. 

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [~] Saving data might occur too frequently, causing console spam and potentially lag on servers.


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1.18.2 1.18.2-1.3.0-15 Horses Data logging implemented.