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Horse Overview

Description: SWEM horses are passive mobs that can be ridden and trained in various skills - a complete rework of Minecraft horses from the ground up. Your horse not only offers you a number of perks in health, jump and speed ability, but can be visually adorned with realistic tack and accessories, bonded with an require a (configurable) amount of care to stay safe, happy and healthy!


Health points: 20-40 (10-20 Hearts)

Armor points:

Behavior: Passive
Hitbox size:



Spawn: Right-clicking vanilla horse with Cantazarite Potion


Height: 2 Blocks (Withers) - 3 Blocks (Ears)
Width: 1.2 Blocks
Length: 2.7 Blocks
Coats: All 100+ coat options can be viewed in the Coat Directory.

Coat Variations

Coat cycling can be disabled on singleplayer or multiplayer worlds in the server config - preventing use of lapis/redstone

Converted horses will have a coat related to the simplified coat genetics of the vanilla horse. This coat selection can be cycled (changed) forward with Lapis or backwards with Redstone:

  • Must be done on a tamed horse
  • Must be done by the owner (or a player with the admin key)
  • Consumes one ore each use (each coat skipped)


On death horses only drop tack and items they were equipped with. Unlike vanilla horses, no leather is dropped on death.



Horses engage in idle wandering or standing still and looking around most of the time, occasionally displaying idles such as tail swishing, itching and shaking. Other idle animations like grazing and laying down are accessible only via RRP commands. Occasionally horses will pee or poop (resulting in pee puddles and poop piles) on the ground or any shavings nearby.

Eating & Drinking
When hungry or thirsty, horses will seek out food and water and can be seen eating or drinking from these sources.

Horses will lie down to sleep at night, or during thunderstorms.

When attacked or taking damage, horses can rear or kick. Kicks deal image-1639093887609.pngimage-1639093887609.pngimage-1639095022531.png damage.

Harmed horses may kick others nearby, who might kick back. This can cause a potentially fatal kick-off if not intercepted.

Interaction - Particles
When interacting with a SWEM Horse, there are 5 different particles that can appear.











"Bad" "Ech" "Meh" "Yay" "Woot"

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

Other information

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