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Cantazarite Potion

Description: A Cantazarite Potion is an item for spawning SWEM horses.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: No
Durability: None


Potion brewing uses blaze powder - use Cantazarite (+ other ingredients) to make blaze rods without visiting the nether!

Cantazarite Dye and 3 Water Bottles in a brewing stand yields 3 Cantazarite Potions.



Cantazarite potions will not work to convert horses into SWEM horses is breeding tokens are enabled in server configs.

Right-click one a compatible entity with a Cantazarite Potion to immediately convert them. This includes:

Converted horses will have a coat related to the simplified coat genetics of the vanilla horse. This coat selection can be cycled (changed) forward with Lapis or backwards with Redstone unless coat cycling is disabled in server configs

Cantazarite potions are single use and the entire bottle will be consumed.

Known Issues

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MC Version Release Notes
1.18.2 1.18.2-1.0.0 Cantazarite potions will not work if configs specify breeding tokens = true
1.16.5 1.16.5- Cantazarite potion can convert RHG horses to SWEM horses (PR by Sekelsta)

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