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SWEM Commands

To use commands listed below, the following crtieria must be met:

  • Commands (cheats) enabled
  • User holds key(s) for specific commands.

Basic Commands

These are commands that are accessible to all players by default. 

Change Ownership

Transfer ownership must be used while riding a horse to have an effect - only the current owner can transfer ownership.

/swem horse transfer <playername>          Transfer a horse to another player (new owner).

Add Trusted Players
Using this command 'whitelists' player(s) to ride and interact with a horse that is set to Trusted only. 

Trusted player commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

/swem horse addfriend <playername>        Add a player to a horse's trusted list (must be the owner).

/swem horse removefriend <playername>  Remove a player from a horse's trusted list (must be the owner).

List Owned

/swem horse owned list                             Displays a player's total # owned horses and lists horses names (if named). 

Tack Render Commands
This command unrenders (makes invisible) tack. Repeat the command to render (make visible) it again. It is visible to client and reflected on server, so updates for both the player using the command anyone around. This can be used to represent tackless riding or filming of 'wild horses' if the rider is made invisible via potion or commands. 

Tack render commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

/swem render bridle

/swem render blanket

/swem render saddle

/swem render girth_strap

/swem render all

RRP Commands
Realistic Roleplay (RRP) commands help creators or players run animations on cue for photos or videos. The animations are purely visual and will not have an effect (ie damage for bucking). Looping animations (∞) play continuously until the command is repeated to disable it, any other commands are one-time per command. Looped animations will return to looping after a one-time is used while in effect. The transition between these animations is not guaranteed to be smooth (ie eating > rearing).  

RRP commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

/swem rrp bite         Horse will lunge forward into a bite once.

/swem rrp buck         Horse will buck once (as with taming).

/swem rrp eat ∞       Horse will lower their head into a looped grazing animation, and raise their head if run again.

/swem rrp kick         Horse will kick out with one rear leg.

/swem rrp lay ∞       Horse will lower themselves to the ground, and get up if run again (player 'floats' if riding)

/swem rrp rear         Horse will rear once.

/swem rrp sad ∞       Horse will lower it's head 'sadly' until run again. Walking will use a 'sad walk'.

/swem rrp stomp       Horse will half-rear up, lunging forward to stomp with their front hooves once. 

Currently unavailable: Shake, Scratch (Idles)

Breeding Commands (1.18.2-1.4.0+)

If configured on servers, these commands will only be usable by OPs or with relevant permission nodes.

Breeding commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

swem horse breeding advance                    Advance a Mare's pregnancy - will birth shortly after.

swem horse breeding change                      1.18 Change gender between Stallion / Gelding <--> Mare.

                                                                        1.20 Change gender between Stallion <--> Mare or Gelding <--> Infertile Mare.
swem horse breeding geld                          1.18 Change a Stallion to a Gelding (infertile male).

swem horse breeding fertile                    1.20 Change a Gelding to a Stallion, or Infertile Mare to a Mare (fertile).

swem horse breeding infertile                1.20 Change a Stallion to a Gelding or a Mare to an Infertile Mare.

swem horse breeding reset cooldown        Reset (to 0) the breeding cooldown timer.

swem horse breeding reset pregnancy      Reset (remove) the pregnancy status of a Mare.

Filming Commands

These commands will only be usable to players with the Film key.

Wild mode and Max Gallop commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

Multiplayer: Use is NOT recommended for SMPs as it provides free tack, max affinity, OP gallop and can be misused!

Wild Mode
Wild Mode was added to help creators quickly create film-ready horses. These horses are NOT actually wild. Effects:

  • Instant taming (if currently untamed)
  • Instant tackup (gray western tack)
  • Unrenders tack
  • Set Jump and Speed to Level 1
  • Set Affinity to max (reduced refusals)

Tack visibility is temporary and will render again on re-log/restart, or can be rendered again via commands. The skill changes are permanent unless a horse is adjusted via commands or training and should not be used on personal horses. This command has NO effect on the rider, it will not make them invisible.

/swem rrp wild

Max Gallop
Resets the gallop cooldown and sets the maximum gallop time to 120 seconds.

/swem rrp maxgallop

Moderator Commands

These commands will only be usable to players with the Mod key.

Commands requiring a [playername] specified will need to be run while the intended player is online to work.

/swem horse owned list <playername>      Displays the total # owned horses and lists horses, including name (if named).

/swem horse owned search <#>                  Displays a list of any players that exceed the ownership # specified.

/swem horse tame                                         Instantly tame a nearby or ridden (wild) horse.

/swem horse tackup                                     Instantly tackup a horse with basic white Western tack.

/swem horse addfriend <playername>        Add a player to a horse's trusted list (even if not the owner).

/swem horse removefriend <playername>  Remove a player from a horse's trusted list (even if not the owner).

/swem horse transfer <playername>          Transfer a horse to another player (even if not the owner). 

/swem set allNeeds <1-5>                           Set a horse's needs (health, hunger, thirst) to the specified value or level.

/swem set health <1-5>                              Set a horse's health value to the specified value (HP: 6 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40) 

                                                                         Note: Will be capped by the maximum value allowed with the health skill.

/swem set hunger <1-5>                              Set a horse's hunger status to the specified level (1 - Starving / 5 - Fully Fed)

/swem set thirst <1-5>                              Set a horse's thirst status to the specified level (1 - Exsiccosis / 5 - Quenched)

Admin Commands

These commands will only be usable to players with the Admin key.

Set level commands must be used while riding a horse to have an effect.

/swem set affinity <1-12>                        Set the affinity skill [1-12]

/swem set health <1-5>                             Set the health skill [1-5]

/swem set jump <1-5>                                 Set the jump skill [1-5]

/swem set speed <1-5>                               Set the speed skill [1-5]

/swem set all <1-12>                                 Set all skills [1-12] Choosing 12 will max all skills fully.

Assigning Keys

Keys do NOT stack - you need all the keys relevant to the desired keys (ie Admin does not inherit the commands of Mod).

As shown in the above sections, some SWEM commands are linked to a role 'key' to prevent misuse of some non-survival friendly commands on servers. Please read the below information carefully:

  • Singleplayer (SP): All keys can be assigned via the /swem key assign command.
  • Multiplayer (MP): Admin keys must be assigned via console access only.
  • MP (Essentials): Admin keys must be assigned prior to opening the world to other players.
  • Players with the admin key can assign film and mod keys to other users without requiring OP.

/swem key assign <playername> swem:film     Give a player the film key.

/swem key assign <playername> swem:mod       Give a player the mod key.

/swem key assign <playername> swem:admin   Give a player the admin key. MP: Must be assigned via console .

/swem key revoke <playername> swem:film     Remove the film key from a player.

/swem key revoke <playername> swem:mod       Remove the mod key from a player.

/swem key revoke <playername> swem:admin   Remove the admin key from a player.

/swem key list                                                   List the currently held keys.


Summon is a vanilla Minecraft command that can also be used to summon modded entities. By default (unless a perms mod is used) these can only be used by players with OP.

/summon swem:swem_horse                                               
Summons an (untamed) SWEM horse in a random color.

/summon swem:swem_horse ~ ~ ~ {HorseVariant:##}   
Summons an (untamed) SWEM horse of a certain coat variant. Replace the ## with the coats data value.

/summon swem:swem_horse ~ ~ ~ {NoAI: 1}                   
Summons an (untamed) SWEM horse with no AI. This means the horse will not move or function besides playing idles. It can still be ridden, but when unmounted or not being led it will just stand still. 

/summon swem:wormieboi                                                 
Summons a wormie boi... a worm on a string! 

/summon swem:swem_poop
Summons a pile of poop. This was not a typo. 

Change Ownership
This vanilla command should no longer be needed in 1.18 with OP overrides to horse ownership (when set to none/trusted only) but it is noted in case of any issue with accessing a restricted horse.

/data modify entity @e[type=swem:swem_horse,sort=nearest,limit=1] Owner set value PLAYERSFULLUUIDHERE

  1. Stand near the target horse - move away any other nearby SWEM horses (to not accidentally edit their data instead)
  2. Find the UUID of a (OP) player, you can get it on a website like MCUUID, and edit the command
  3. Run the command. You can change the horse to All, mount it and use the normal transfer command

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [-] Keys override OP access and cannot be circumvented to set custom role permissions via permission plugins.


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Release Notes
1.20.1-1.4.0 Removed geld command for fertile/infertile command (either gender).
1.18.2-1.4.0 Added /swem horse breeding commands for 1.4.0 Gender update.
1.18.2-1.3.0-15 Added /swem horse owner [player] command to list owned + named horses.
1.18.2-1.2.2 Added /swem horse set commands for needs (part of new feed/water system)
Added render command for all (render or unrender all tack).
Added RRP commands for shake, scratch, buck, bit and stomp idles/animations.
Merged the /swem horse setgalloptime and /swem horse resetgallop commands
Changed /swem setlevel command to /swem set
Changed /dev tackup and /dev tame to /swem horse category.