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Man O War




Horse Information



Coat Name:

Man O War
Coat Color: Chestnut
Markings: White Star & Stripe
Eye Color: Brown
Coat Information

Data Value:



Lapis / Redstone


Historical Horses
Version Added: V1 (Beta)
Artist: Malli


Man O War is commonly referred to as the greatest racehorse in history. He was born in 1917 and, in the span of his two-year long racing career, he was a nearly undefeated champion of 20 races (out of 21!). His successes were further amplified by the number of track and world records he established, the margins by which he won his races, and the additional weight of jockeys he carried to the finish line in an effort to level the playing field against other horses.

After his short but profoundly successful racing career, Man O War was retired to stud, a decision made by his owner to prevent increasing weight (handicap) with his successes, until he was either lost or injured. His recognition and adoration continued well into his stud-era and retirement, with an estimated 1,000,000-1,500,000 visitors travelling to see the legendary racehorse during his lifetime.

- Man O War was purchased as a yearling by Samuel Riddle.

- Man O War was most frequently accompanied in travel during both racing and stud by his close friend 'Major Treat', a retired from injury Show Hunter. The two were stalled beside one another, and remained together well into his stud retirement. 

- Will Harbut was Man O War's most well known groom (1930-1947)

- Just one month after the death of Will Harbut, Man O War passed at age 30. He was honoured for his life of achievements in a radio broadcasted funeral, attended by 7,500 people at Churchhill Downs.

In tribute,
Man O War (1917-1947)


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