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Description: Shavings are a block used as bedding for Horses. They come in the types light, medium and dark, plus a soiled variant when used.


Renewable: Yes


Unopened: Yes (16)

Opened: No

Tool: Pitchfork
Blast Resistance: N/A
Hardness: N/A
Luminant: No
Transparent: No
Flammable: No
Flammable (Lava): No



Shavings come in 3 colors - light, medium and dark. Soiled shavings cannot be crafted.
Light Shavings are crafted by smelting 1 Birch or 1 Jungle leaves in a furnace.



Medium shavings are crafted by smelting 1 Oak or 1 Acacia leaves in a furnace.



Dark shavings are crafted by smelting 1 Dark Oak or 1 Spruce leaves in a furnace.



Deluxe Shavings

Deluxe shavings come in 3 colors - light, medium and dark.
Deluxe Light Shavings are crafted with 8 Light Shavings and 1 Dried Kelp.


Deluxe Medium Shavings are crafted with 8 Medium Shavings and 1 Dried Kelp.


Deluxe Dark Shavings are crafted with 8 Dark Shavings and 1 Dried Kelp.



A bag of shavings starts out unopened until right-clicked in hand to open. This gives the item's inventory texture a slightly crumpled appearance. Each bag of shavings can be used eight times before it is used up (disappears), or 64 times for deluxe shavings. Right-click a (solid) ground block with a shavings bag in hand to place; shavings work exactly like snow and can be layered up to 8 layers to make a full block. Unlike snow, it will not melt. Shavings are transparent and will allow light from SWLM blocks through even if placed on top.

Soiled Shavings
Shavings are perfect for use in horse stalls and Horses standing on or near shavings may soil them occasionally. Soiled shavings have a darker appearance than dry shavings. Shavings can also be placed on pee puddles to soak them up, creating soiled shavings, as an alternative to using the hose which is useful when travelling without a water connection. Soiled shavings drop an amount equivalent to the depth of shavings used, so a 3 layer deep soiled shaving bed would drop 3 soiled shavings.

Break shavings with any tool or by using a pitchfork. Shavings will yield back a used bag equivalent to the number of levels of shavings placed, so if destroying a shavings pile that is 3 layers deep, breaking it will return a bag of shavings with 3 uses. These reclaimed shaving bags do not stack, this is the case with all opened shaving bags so destroying large areas of bedding can quickly fill up your inventory in survival. Shavings that come into contact with moving water will be destroyed instantly without dropping any shaving bags or soiled shavings.

Breaking shavings that are only 1 layer deep has a 40% chance of 'voiding' the shavings that have been in contact with the ground and would potentially be too contaminated to reuse. 

Shavings bags cannot currently be placed for realistic storage, and must be kept in an inventory or item frame instead. Additionally, placed shavings (layers) cannot realistically be stored in large piles and broken as needed; if breaking a lower level, all shavings above are voided and drop nothing.

Soiled shavings can be placed in Wheelbarrows in order to make Compost, used as a source of bonemeal or blocks to place in muck heaps.


A pile of light, medium and dark shavings of various levels (depth).


Soiled shavings of various levels (depth).

Shavings may make it possible for horses to get over some walls, fences, dividers or hop onto feeders to jump out of stalls or pastures. For that reason, their depth and location as well as wall/fence height should be considered for escape points.

Known Issues

If you find an issue, please report it to our bugs channel on Discord. We ask that you look to see if your issue was reported first!

  • [-] Shavings get deleted in 2-3 blocks behind the hinge of stall doors and gates if opened.
  • [-] Shavings can sometimes obstruct horse pathing to some feed items (slow feeders, grain feeders etc).
  • [-] Open deluxe shavings cannot be taken from creative menu - must take closed bags and open them. Fixed (1.18).
  • [-] Shavings do not drop a bag with the correct number of uses, specific to layer depth, when broken. Fixed (1.18).


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Release Notes
Added deluxe shaving bag with 8x uses of normal shaving bags.
Shavings have a 40% chance to drop on breaking if 1 layer deep.
1.18.2-1.2.8 (26 June) [Bug Fix] Shavings no longer consumed (full bag) on horse pee / desync.
[Bug Fix] Soiled shavings drop the correct number of layers when broken.
[Bug Fix] Shavings can no longer be enchanted (inc. books) in survival.

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