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FAQs & How To


This is a comprehensive guide for new joiners or frequently asked questions. Use the navigation bar on the left of the screen to jump to a section you are interested in, and use the drop downs to view more information on various topics.

Looking for something specific, search using Ctrl + F (PC) to find keywords.

New Players

As a new player, there might be a lot to take in. Here are some sections that might help you get started easier!

Completing The Tutorial

On first join, you will spawn into a box - step on the pressure plate to warp to the tutorial.

After warping, make sure you read the information in the first chamber before progressing on to other rooms. Check your inventory - the block you receive is part of a puzzle required to complete the tutorial. Once completed, you will have a server access token to take back into the first chamber so you can warp out into the playable world. You will be unable to leave without this. On exiting the tutorial area, you will be expected to follow all server rules - these are listed here if you prefer to read them on the Wiki instead.

Moderators will assist you if there is a problem with the tutorial, but will not tell you how to complete the puzzle.

Viewing & Completing Quests

Quests help you use your time on server productively, profitably and just for fun! You can open the quest menu in three different ways:

  • Via a quest book that you receive during your tutorial / can be crafted again later if lost
  • Via your player inventory (E) there is a book symbol in the top left corner of the screen
  • Via a hotkey - for many this is the Home key, but you can change or check this Options > Controls > Keybinds

When opening the quest book, you will first see the tutorial page that looks like this:


This is not all there is to our questing, hover over the ▶ symbol on the left of the screen to view Chapters.
Chapters are different sections of questing that you can complete in your own time - there's no rush. Click one to view it.

  • Getting Started - Crafting items earns you rewards for early-game necessities. Recommended for new joiners.
  • Server Tour - Exploring the server to learn important locations earns you money. Recommended for new joiners.
  • Jobs - Jobs are not quests you complete, but show you where to go and what to sell for money.
  • Achievements - A collection of statistic based achievements such as time online, time on horseback, monsters killed.
  • Time Based - A couple quests to collect your daily (24hr) free tokens, or pay shop rent if you have one!
  • Good Samaritan - A selection of charitable quests that exchange money for free items given to all online players!
  • Emergency Services - A selection of emergency quests that exchange money for item or food bundles, or home TPs.
  • There are some other hidden options that you'll unlock as you play!

You can complete quests in different ways, depending on what type of quest it is.

  • Submit items - open the quest, click the required item and press submit - it will take from your inventory.
  • Craft items - on crafting a suitable item (may be a specific color etc), the quest will auto complete.
  • Visit locations - explore and learn the dimensions, the quest will auto complete in a specific location/radius.
  • Other quests require you to kill entities, break blocks or achieve a set level of MC game statistics to auto complete.

When a quest is completed, you can claim the rewards one of two ways:

  • Click on the quest reward with a over it to claim that reward. Quests displaying have a reward to collect.
  • Click on the bag with arrows icon in the top right of the screen to collect all rewards. Note that some rewards cannot be auto collected, such as your emergency TP.

If you have any issues with quests, please put a screenshot + description of the issue in VIP-server-help (Discord).

Getting A Starter Home

As a new player, you can claim a free pre-built 1 chunk home to use while you need it - this is generally until you have T5,000 to upgrade your plot to a 2 X 2 chunk plot. These homes are located near Marion Meeting Place (where you first spawn after completing the tutorial). Open your FTBMap with M to view the claims and look for a starter home that is not claimed or destroyed - this is sometimes the case after players move out. Make sure you are getting a good condition, vacant home to call your own while you get used to the server.

Once you have found a home, you must claim it, and you can do this one of 2 ways:

  • Stand in the chunk (within the stone borders) and type: /ftbchunks claim
  • Open the FTB Map with and click the grid icon in the top left corner of the screen, left click the chunk to claim it.

A couple other things to note about starter homes:

  • You may only have one, and you must not move into or destroy any other homes intended for new players.
  • You receive only one chunk on joining, and must use this on a starter home only. You cannot live elsewhere.
  • You should keep your starter home only if you need it, you may be asked to move out if your wealth exceeds 20K. 
  • You can destroy and remodel your starter home, and take items or materials from it upon moving out. 
  • You may keep only 1 Horse and 1 Pet of each type if you have a space that is within welfare standards.

If you are fortunate enough to get one of the limited 2X1 starter plots, contact a Mod+ for additional claim chunks.

You are strongly advised not to live with other players - in any property dispute, the claiming player owns everything.

Accessing, Using & Earning Money

The VIP server uses Star Worm Economy Mod (SWEConM) for our currency. 

Your wallet funds can be stolen from in PVP dimensions if you are killed - keep your wallet funds below T250!

Money Basics
When you earn money via quests, trading with players, selling to shops you will often receive this in coin form - each coin represents a different kind of currency, from Copper Thyms (1) all the way up to Amethyst Thyms (500). You can keep these coins in your inventory, but they are best stored in either a wallet, wristlet, or a vault. Read more about these on the linked pages.


Using Money
You can use your money in various ways, depending on what it is you are trying to do.

  • To buy from a shop block, you need to withdraw and hold the right type and number of coins, right click to buy.
  • To buy from a player, you can exchange money by:
    Throwing them the correct value in coins if they are online
    Putting the funds into their home mailbox if they are offline
    Doing a direct transfer via commands: /sweconm transfer [yourname] [playername] [amount] [optional reference]
  • To pay for a server services, please read the instructions provided. Most services require you to name your Thyms in an anvil and throw them into a hopper with your application.

Earning Money
You can earn money through several different ways.

  • Gather resources from the wilds and sell them to the server stores - different stores/locations buy different things.
    Sell set items to job locations - view which stores buy what in the Jobs Quest category.
    Sell a variable set of items to the Pawn Shop in Alaharra - view the current options, which might change.
  • Achieve quest rewards for exploration (Server Tour), discovering Secrets etc.
  • Achieve quest rewards for your regular activity online; Time Played, Time on Horseback etc.
  • Trade with other players casually, or start a store.
  • Offer goods and services, post about this in the VIP-server-forums!
Getting A Horse

Horses are a valuable companion on the VIP server - you will need to be responsible for its care, and careful about keeping it safe outside of the peaceful difficulty zones of VIP or Alaharra.

  • As a new player, you can purchase one spawn egg for T1000. Spawn it on your plot in a safe place.
  • You can rescue a horse by applying for an available coat at our Golden Equine Adoption Center (24-48hr wait)
  • You can purchase a horse from another player if they are selling one.
  • You can breed a horse from two horses if you know someone willing to permit to you, or you have 2 horses*

Values - A helpful guide to getting what is fair
Horses - 1K untrained, more if the coat is highly sought after, more still if the skills are high (~5K+)
Spawn Eggs - No set price, but these are incredibly rare and almost a collective item to some.
Breeding Token - ~1K each

Your breeding tokens and spawn eggs are rare - report to a Mod if you are specifically targeted to sell this on joining.

* You can only own as many horses as your plot permits within welfare standards, and only one on a starter plot.

Gathering Resources

You should be able to get most blocks, ores or items you need to survive and build in our resource dimensions via Waystones.
These are survival dimensions where you must fend for yourself in either PVE (vs environment) or PVP (vs player).

  • Wilds [PVE] - Waystone located at VIP Spawn
  • Nether [PVP] - Waystone located West of VIP Spawn
  • End [PVP] - Coming soon

While in the resource dimensions, you must follow the dimension rules.

Deaths & Graves

Our server is wholly survival/adventure - which means you can and likely will die at some point. Do not fret though, your stuff will be stored safely in a grave where you died and will not despawn, nor can it be taken by another player. Your obituary (note) has coordinates of your death and a list of all items - keep this safe until you have retrieved your grave.

You must collect your own grave in these dimensions - UNLESS you are in an adventure or protected zone:

  • Wilds
  • Nether
  • End

You can put in for a grave retrieval in these dimensions - a Mod+ will collect your grave and put it into the graveyard:

  • VIP (Plots)
  • Alaharra
  • Golden Equine

How to break your grave
Break (by hitting) the grave. Items will be put back into your inventory in the same slots they were before death.

How to put in for grave retrieval
Take your obituary to the graveyard in VIP - located near Marion Meeting (196 76 209) - and throw your obituary into the hopper. If there is an on-duty* Mod or Admin online, please mention you have done so as we will check when available - which may not be immediately. If there are no Mods+ online, grave retrieval is checked at least once a day. On duty mods show as yellow or orange in the player list, with yellow or orange chat text. Once retrieved, you will be tagged!

Breaking graves may overwrite items you already have in your inventory. Its recommended to drop or store items first.

Novice Players

Even as you get accustomed to the basics, there may still be things you are not quite sure on or never knew you could do. Here are some sections that might help you keep on moving up!

Teams & Allies

You can create a team to ally others so they can interact with your plot. When allied, players will have a default or specifically adjusted set of permissions to any claims you have - please read this section carefully before allying people.

Only ever ally players you trust - especially if you have a lenient set of access permissions!

How to create a Team
Go into Options > Controls > Keybinds and check or set the keybind for Open Teams GUI. Use this keybind to access it.
Use the create a team button, give your team a name and a description (optional).

Adjust your team settings
After creating a team, click the gear icon in the GUI to adjust the team settings to your liking. You can:

  • Block Edit Mode - Set to private if you do not want players to be able to place or break blocks on your property.
  • Block Interact Mode - Set to private if you do not want players to be able to interact with doors, chests, levers etc.
  • Entity Interact Mode - Set to private if you do not want players to be able to interact (lead/breed etc) entities.
  • Non-Living-Entity Attack Mode - Set to private if you do not want players to be able to break paintings, item frames etc.
  • Claim visibility - THIS MUST BE SET TO PUBLIC.
  • You can also edit team name, description, claim color.

If you set any of these values to public any player, even if they are not allied, will have permissions to do those things!

Adding Allies
Once created, click the people icon to Manage Allies and select an online player to ally. They will have permissions on your property - depending on what you set - with immediate effect.

Removing Allies
Right click an ally in your team menu and select Un-Ally with [playername].

Upgrading Plots, Moving Out & Claims


Horse Ownership & Breeding


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no monsters in XYZ dimension?
Some dimensions are set to peaceful so players can explore, compete and live in peace without dangerous mobs. These dimensions are VIP (plots), Alaharra and Golden Equine. 

Why do I still have hunger in peaceful dimensions?
We have a mod to keep hunger, even in peaceful as realistic player and horse needs are core to our server.