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Wallets & Wristlets

Description: Wallets and Wristlets are a means of carrying money and withdrawing Thym coins of specific values.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Durability: None


Wallets come in two leather variations; brown and black.
1 Wallet can be crafted with 1 Refined Leather and Brown or Black Dye.



Wristlets come in all 16 minecraft colors.
1 Wristlet can be crafted with 2 Refined Leather and 1 Dye of a corresponding color.



Wallet funds are specific to the player and can be accessed with any wallet or wristlet (including borrowing a friends). There is no risk associated with dropping or losing your wallet, however wallet funds may be subject to stealing via PVP.

Right-click with a wallet or wristlet in hand to open the GUI.

  • View the balance in the wallet - maximum value that can be withdrawn
  • Add or remove all balance

[+] Adding will move all coins in the player's inventory into the wallet, increasing the balance
[-] Removing will withdraw all funds into the players inventory as possible, reducing the balance
This will be withdrawn in the largest coins possible to reduce the number of individual Thyms

  • Add or remove specific value coins

[+] Add a single coin of the selected value into the wallet
[-] Remove a single coin of the selected value back into the player's inventory
[Shift +] Add up to 64 (full stack) of that value coin into the wallet 
[Shift - ] Move up to 64 (full stack) of that value coin into into the player's inventory 



Unlike deposit bags, wallet funds are linked to the player. In this way, wallet funds are specific to the individual using a wallet and the item can be safely dropped, lost or shared. However:

  • Wallet funds can be stolen if the server permits PVP and has setup configs
  • Wallet funds can be stolen even if the player does not have a wallet on them (see below)
  • Wallet funds must have the minimum wealth value (default T100) to be stolen from