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Deposit Bag

Description: A money sleeve that accepts up to one million Thyms for safe storage, such as in a player vault or enderchest.


Rarity color: Common
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Durability: None


Deposit bags come in a single Green color variant.
1 deposit bag can be crafted with 2 Dried Kelp and 1 Iron Nugget.



A maximum of 1,000,000 Thyms can be held within the deposit bag. The player can craft as many deposit bags as needed.

Right-click with a wallet or wristlet in hand to open the GUI.

  • View the balance in the wallet - maximum value that can be withdrawn
  • Add or remove all balance

[+] Adding will move all coins in the player's inventory into the deposit bag, increasing the balance
[-] Removing will withdraw all funds into the players inventory as possible, reducing the balance
This will be withdrawn in the largest coins possible to reduce the number of individual Thyms

  • Add or remove specific value coins

[+] Add a single coin of the selected value into the deposit bag
[-] Remove a single coin of the selected value back into the player's inventory
[Shift +] Add up to 64 (full stack) of that value coin into the deposit bag
[Shift - ] Move up to 64 (full stack) of that value coin into into the player's inventory 



Unlike wallets or wristlets, funds stored in a deposit bag are not linked to the player. In this way, storing funds in deposit bags can be a safe means of avoiding having money stolen if a player dies in PVP on multiplayer servers, as funds not associated with the wallet+ are not subject to config values. However:

  • Deposit bags can be dropped on death if keepInventory is not enabled
  • Deposit bags can be accidentally dropped and picked up by other players
  • Deposit bags can be accessed by anyone; players can withdraw the full value or continue to use it to store their funds
  • Deposit bags are never completely secure unless stored in a player vault, ender chest or on secure landclaim with no shared permissions.