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Description: If enabled via configs, players can have money stolen from their wallet during PVP.

Stealing Money

This information is based on the default values of SWEConM, these values can be configured in common configs!

Money can be stolen from a player when killed in combat on servers that permit PVP. This money will be given to the victor of the combat. If PVP is disabled, this function will not have any effect.

The amount stolen depends on the config specified value - by default this is 15%. This means upon a player's death in PVP combat, up to 15% of their total funds can be stolen.

The amount stolen, or whether any funds can be stolen at all, also depends on the config specified value for wealth. By default a player must have a minimum of 100 Thyms in their wallet or wristlet to be stolen from. If they have less than 100, there is 0% chance they will lose any money following a PVP related death.

Protecting Funds

A player's money is only at risk if:

  • The server permits PVP and the config has a greater than 0% chance of funds being stolen
  • They have higher than the minimum wealth for PVP stealing in their wallet / wristlet
  • They are carrying a deposit bag with money (and keepInventory is disabled) which can be dropped upon death

Wallet funds are associated with you as a player - the wallet or wristlet lets you access it but you can be stolen from with or without one. Keep the wallet value below the stealing wealth, or withdraw your funds to keep safely in a vault.

Players can protect their money by:

  • Storing it securely in a SWEConM vault (coins / coins in a deposit bag)
  • Storing it securely in an Ender Chest
  • Storing is securely on a property with landclaim that does not permit other player's access to their valuables