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Description: Creating a giftbag is a function that permits players to 'bundle' things into the inventory of a item. Meaning you can have a simple item that when opened gifts all the other things stored within it.


Giftbags cannot be crafted, but are acquired via commands only. 

The /swecom giftbag [name] command can only be used on whitelisted items via the common config

Creating a Giftbag
Hold a whitelisted (config) item in hand and use the command /sweconm giftbag namehere

"Successfully turned [name] into a giftbag."
Once converted into a giftbag, right-click the giftbag in hand to open the giftbag GUI. There are 27 slots (3 rows) which can be used to store gifts to give to another player.
The giftbag GUI can be closed at any time by pressing escape and items will remain stored within. Pressing Seal in the top right corner will seal the items within. While in this state, the item/block cannot be used in any way other than opening it and any attempts to do so will yield the items within.


Shown: A giftbag GUI for a SWEM ribbon stuffed with goodies. Note - the layout will not be seen by the recipient!

"This item cannot be used as a giftbag"
The item you are trying to use is not whitelisted as a giftbag item in configs.

"This item can no longer be used as a giftbag."
The item you are trying to use has already been used as a giftbag 2 times and cannot be used again.

"Cannot convert multiple items at once. Please hold only 1 item in a stack."
You must be holding a single item only in-hand to create a giftbag.

"This item is already a giftbag"
The item you are trying to use already contains items (is a giftbag) - open it, or leave it as a bundled giftbag.


Right-clicking a sealed giftbag will eject all items into the player's inventory. If their inventory is full, the items will be dropped. Once opened, the item can be used without issue, such as placing ribbons or rosettes on a wall, or in an item frame. The item will keep the giftbag name.

Known Issues

  • [-] There is no way to reliably see if an item is a gift-bag without right-clicking it (yielding any items within and reducing it's number of re-uses). While creating a giftbag does give the item a name, this can easily be done via anvil, making it an unreliable means of determining whether an item is a giftbag or not. You can re-run the giftbag command, if it is already one you will be notified, but this will be limited to players who have access to this command.