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World Edit


World Edit permissions are given to staff members who are both competent in the use of W/E, who are prepared to offer assistance to users wanting W/E completed, and who are trusted with the enhanced permissions. 

We are not able to offer World Edit perms to Horse People or all VIPs as inexperienced use or accidents can cause catastrophic damage to the server and all builds, entities, or terrain on it. We also wish to avoid the slim but possible use of World Edit for griefing.

World Edit Request Information

Our staff offer a voluntary service to fulfil World Edit requests to VIP users. Please note:

  • World Edit requests will be fulfilled as soon as possible, but there is no firmly set time limit or guarantees
    • We do not have enough staff with W/E experience to reliably offer it at all times.
    • Staff have their own play-time. Just because they are online, that does not mean they are on duty.
  • World Edit request will:
    • Be done in order of submission - please do not expect staff to do yours immediately if others are waiting.
    • An exception MAY be made if a staff is not able to fulfil existing requests, or has limited time (quick requests)
    • Staff will not necessarily be online to do W/E requests and may be taking a break themselves.
    • You should submit ALL requests, and not directly ask staff. You can mention one was submitted, but please observe the above point.

Submitting A Request

You can submit W/E requests at the World Edit Office on the VIP server - it is located in Spawn and has a gray banner with a grass block on the front of the building.

You should provide:

Where your property is located 

- Please provide coordinates and the plot name. 


What you would like done (i.e brush a path with blocks A, B & C)

- One task per request. If you have multiple tasks, you can submit a Large W/E Request.


Where does this need to be completed? Have you marked the area?

What exactly are you expecting and do you have any specific requests on how it is done?

Is there anything staff need to be aware of when completing the task?

Your request may be rejected if:

You request W/E on a property you do not own. Only the owner can do so.


It is an unreasonable request that the player could complete themselves in creative.

It requires too much of staff's time (more than 5-10 minutes) - longer tasks are not guaranteed!

It is too complex, requiring specialist skills or experience with W/E (difficult or detailed terrain)


You do not provide enough information for a staff member to complete the task while you are offline.

It is not stated where you want the W/E task to be done or your description is too unclear.

It is unclear what you are requesting at all.


W/E requests are not for staff to build for you. Requests to build or design will be rejected.

W/E requests are not offered in some dimensions: Survival, Nether, The End.

Ping You will be pinged in VIP- notices if your task was completed, or rejected.

- You must remove ALL animals first, or move them to a corner of the property that is not in the way and staff will clear around it.

- Do not request demolition until you are fully prepared and have anything you need from the property.

- Demolition requests may be completed while you are offline, be clear what you want demolished.


- You can only request relocation if you have not been relocated in that month.

- You must board / relocate ALL animals and NOT expect staff to move or get rid of any you leave behind!

- Discuss with staff if you need temp. use of a vacant plot, or a temp. local waystone to transport animals.

- The old plot will be demolished after relocation - take everything you need before requesting relocation!

- Any animals on the existing plot, or the new plot could be crushed when relocating or demolishing.

- You must be online to relocate as you will need to unclaim and claim new properties.


Schematics are not offered. Instead we recommend that users take images or video walkthroughs to recreate the builds elsewhere if desired. If you wish to rebuild another's build, credits are required.