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BEFORE you sub to our $5+ Tiers for their benefit(s), PLEASE read this. We will consider this accepted upon subbing.

SWE/M has had such wonderful support that we have been actively overwhelmed for awhile now. We are working on trimming down everything excess and its still not enough, so we have to carve away a little more and a little more while actively searching for efficient processes, programs, and automations to help us give everything we so desperately want to give to yall. We have a smaller team and we never expected the absolute explosion of support or user count. Given this:


PURPOSE: This server is for multiple reasons, all for the benefit of us all. It has many purposes outside of general enjoyment. Please understand that a lot of things won't be refined or preferred, especially at first, for both staff and players. We are using VIP extensively to improve upon ourselves in many ways so SWE can be as flawless upon open as possible. This means growing pains. If you're donating, you're helping support SWE/M to continue. If you join our server, you're helping support SWE's development.

> Numbers: Overwhelming support seems to be a habit for our project. This means numbers of users beyond our expectations. We hope to, in time, learn effective ways to manage such high volumes of users with high user satisfaction and without staff overload. It will take time as we adapt and become more efficient, at first it will be slow and imperfect.
> Training: SWE is our ultimate goal, and we hope to open soon. Till then, we will be using VIP to train up our moderators and build our moderation processes for the best and safest experience we can manage. This means there will likely be mistakes, but we'll do our best to make them right and improve upon them.
> Togetherness: We hear so many players wanting to play together and we want to supply that place for them. Even if it means we take an income cut, we want to provide that for you. We'd make it free but we simply can't handle the user count we'd have.
> SSMs: SSMs will be our moderation tools and automation tools. We are developing them when we can and they definitely won't be bug free at the start. Please expect bugs, errors, and issues.
> Workload: We have a smaller team and hope to grow but for now we are learning what we can and cant handle, at what scale, and at what timelines. Some things may change as we learn we can't appropriately provide what we originally offered, or we may be able to offer more. Juggling so many staff, users, and mod projects is no easy task. Some things may take longer for us to get to to improve than others. We can not promise what we'll work to improve first. 
> Automation: We are working to hopefully add automation is future for less clerical error and faster response times. Sadly, we don't have that right now. Currently everything is manual. This means that errors can occur, tasks can take longer to complete, and sometimes staff might need a reminder of a task needing done. Please be patient with us. VIP is additional, on top of SWEM and SWE work.
> Refunds and Pre-Pay: Are not functions we offer at this time. It takes an extensive amount of tracking for not only our Benefits documents but also our accounting. We hope to be able to afford the man-power for that pleasantry in the future, but for now, we simply cannot afford the staff to track it. We will not allow pre-pay or refunds.
Given the VIP server is for everyone's benefit, now and in future, playing together and also supporting the project going forward, as well as testing and developing processes/automation - we really appreciate patience and understanding that we are learning as we go and doing our best to give the best experience possible while we do it. It might be a little rough for awhile, but we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


Marketing: Marketing is key to us surviving. The more we grow, the more we need to stay alive - however, if we don't grow, we die. We need to market our server, the custom maps, the custom events we offer, plus the fun times we all have together. If you are on the server, you might be in a picture or video posted by either SWE/M, SWE/M affiliates, or even other users themselves. 

Plots: We do not have the assistance of a plot plugin at this time. We intend to create what we need in future, however right now we are managing our plot system manually. Given its manual, we cannot afford the time and delicacy to not only have a graveyard for unused plots, but to also schematic them, and move the animals too - especially for so many users that we have.
> If the donation is not met every month ...
>>> If there's no complete buildings - after 30days - the user's plot will be erased, their named horses will go to the Rescue, and all pets/livestock will be decommissioned.
>>> If there's no complete buildings - after 60days - the user's plot will be erased, their named horses will go to the Rescue, and all pets/livestock will be decommissioned.
>>> If the user returns to their plot being erased - they will need to restart their building and horse ownership from scratch.
Don't worry too much as Ko-Fi allows donations anytime so being late a few days won't result in the erasing of your plot, pets, and ponies.

Modding and Modded Servers: It is not our responsibility to ensure you are able to mod your game or that your game gets successfully modded. Our volunteer staff can choose to assist if you ask for help but it is indeed a choice. We offer *plenty* of resources to teach you how to do it yourself and to troubleshoot your issues. Additionally, it is not our responsibility to make sure your computer can handle modded minecraft. Please know your computer's capabilities BEFORE you subscribe. Our VIP server is modded and has a modpack of 30+ mods, while most of them are tiny, we still recommend that a computer have at least 8G RAM to have the best chance of being able to run the modpack. If you cannot get the modpack installed correctly or your computer can't handle the modpack, we will not see this as a reason for refund. Donations are to the project as a whole and its continued development, while the VIP server is a "thank you" gift in return for donating. I'm sorry if you cannot receive the gift but helping us finance development still means you can play the mod in a smaller modpack in other servers or in singleplayer (given your computer can run minecraft at all).