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There are designated plots, setup as neighborhoods, on the VIP server that you can use to build and play on.


  • ALL land within the plot must be claimed by the owner to protect the builds. You should not just claim the perimeter.
  • You must not claim any additional unapproved plots - these claims will be removed and demolished without notice.
  • You must not claim the plots of ex-VIPs (w/wo consent) - Ex-VIP plots can be removed at any time after 30-60D.
  • You must not build over onto claimed or unclaimed plots, nor edit the colored perimeter of any plot but your own!
  • You must not build on, claim, or edit the roads surrounding yours or others plot.
  • You can ally other players using FTBTeams to give others permission to build on your plots (see below).

You should not claim land anywhere outside of marked and assigned plots in the residential zone or survival dimension.

If a plot is claimed outside of permitted areas, the player will get a tagged notice of the following:

  • If there were no notable builds - the area will be unclaimed and the land returned to its original state. The player must select a new area to claim within permitted plots.
  • If there were notable builds - the builds would have been moved to an open plot. Any builds outside of the permitted one plot area will be destroyed. We will attempt to save the most important builds first.

  • If there were tamed and named animals - they will be taken to the rescue and logged. The player will need to fill out separate Retrieve Forms per animal to retrieve them.
  • If there were animals not named and/or tamed (either) - they will be destroyed. The player will need to remake them.

How to Claim

SWEM uses FTBChunks mod to allow players to claim their property. When claimed, another player cannot alter anything on the property without being in a team with you OR depending on your property settings. Each player's claim will be a random colour and can be viewed on both the FTB world and minimap.

Initial claim limit will be 1 chunks - enough to claim one Starter Plot. VIPs who buy another plot will be given additional claim chunks that matches the size of their new home.

  1. Stand on your plot, somewhere near the middle if possible.
  2. Open the FTB Chunks map - by default this is M but you may need to adjust your keybinds if using Xaeros too.
  3. Select the grid icon in the top left corner of the map, this will show the area around you.
  4. Claim: Left clicking a square (chunk) will claim it an area that is unowned.
  5. Remove Claim: Right clicking a square (chunk) will unclaim an area if you own it.
  6. Claim all areas within the perimeter of your plot (marked with concrete)
  7. You may need to stand elsewhere if you couldn't view the whole plot area and need to claim more.

If a chunk already has a color, it is claimed. You cannot claim or unclaim chunks owned by other players (unless CV+)

Creating & Managing Teams

SWEM uses FTBTeams to allow players to form teams and entrust other players on their property. Having a team also allows you to adjust default settings on whether players can or cannot do something on your property without being a team member.

/ftbteams party create - forms a team that you are the leader of. You will need to leave any other teams you are in.
/ftbteams party allies add [player] - add a player to your ally list, which will give them trusted perms to build/interact with your plot.
/ftbteams party allies remove [player] - removes an allied player
/ftbteams party allies list - shows all players allied on your team/plots
/ftbteams party invite - DO NOT USE

Cooperative Teams

We do not advise forming multi-person teams with the current plot setup, and joining teams is not permitted (as it transfers your plot claim to the team leader). Instead we suggest allying users instead on your personal team/plot. This will allow them to do whatever your settings permit, but you will not share chunks. Note that if you do decide to team up, the following applies:

    Claim Removal

    Plots may be removed if players are inactive (no longer a VIP member) for a while.

    • One month (30D) if the plot has no completed structures on it
    • Two months (60D) if the plot has a completed structure on - in case a player wishes to return after a short break
    • No actively donating VIPs will have their claim removed for inactivity - even if they do not play.

    Our protocol for plot removal:

    • All animals will be removed unless another player steps forward to claim them (within their limit) in advance!
    • The plot will be cleared so it can be assigned to another VIP.