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[1.18] VIP Server & Modpack

Join The Server

In order to join the server you must have:

  • A compatible modpack including ALL library and core mods
  • The server IP - Available from Server-Info channel.
  • Be whitelisted to join - Request in Whitelisting Thread under Server-Info channel.
  • An active VIP membership

If you are unable to join the VIP server, please check you have the modlist shown below and you are using the correct IP.
You can ask for help in VIP Server Help if you cannot join after trying the above.

CurseForge Manifest (Regular): DOWNLOAD HERE
CurseForge Manifest (Shaders): DOWNLOAD HERE

How to install a CurseForge manifest is explained below - please scroll and read this before requesting help!

Installing Mods

If you do not know how to use mods, please check out our Installing Mods page on the wiki!

Using CurseForge Manifests

CurseForge no longer supports modpacks for other launchers - so you cannot just download a full ZIP of the mods required. This means servers either need to manually ZIP their mods (depriving themselves and other developers of downloads) or use a CurseForge manifest. Manifests are information that tell the CurseForge launcher which mods to download and which versions as well as configs etc so you can quickly import a profile and its settings to play with that modpack or join servers using their required modpacks. The downside of this is it means only the CurseForge app can do this!

How To (CurseForge app)

  1. Download the Curseforge Manifest (Regular) OR the CurseForge Manifest (Shaders/Rubidium)
  2. On the CurseForge App, select Create Custom Profile on the top bar to open a preferences menu.


3. Select the underlined section that says to Import a previously created profile
4. Select the downloaded file (Manifest)


How To (Other Launchers)
Other launchers cannot use Manifests - your only options are:

  • Download all mod versions manually using our modlist
  • Download the mods on the Curseforge App and copy them from the modfolder into another launcher

In short, if you want an easy life and easy download, use CurseForge to download and play. If you're a firm supporter or another launcher, you will have to do a little extra preparation to initially download AND to maintain your modpack as it will not automatically update if any server changes are made.

We will NOT offer a ZIP or MultiMC (or other launcher) export out of respect for other developers and their downloads.


Updated: 17 July 2023
Minecraft Version: 1.18.2
Forge Version: 40.2.0 or above
Java Version: Java 17

If installing these mods manually you MUST use only 1.18.2 Forge versions - other versions or APIs will not work!
LIBRARY CORE mods are required to join the server - incorrect versions or missing mods will not let you join servers
CLIENT GRAPHIC mods are optional - you can remove any you do not want or need to increase performance

Mod Type Version Description
Architectury Library 4.11.93 --
Balm Library 3.2.6 --
Cloth Config Library 6.5.102 --
Creative Core Library 2.6.16 --
Curios API Library --
FTB Library Library build.177 Dependency for FTB Mods.
FTB Teams Library build.107
GeckoLib Library 3.0.57 Dependency for SWEM.
Item Filters Library build.50 Dependency for FTB Quests.
Placebo Library 6.6.7
PlayerAnimator Library 1.0.2+1.18 Dependency for SWEM. 
Astikor Carts Core 1.1.2 Carts for transporting items, livestock and farming.
Comforts Core Quality of life additions like sleeping bags.
Cosmetic Armor Reworked Core v2a Wear armor without displaying it on player.
Creeper Confetti Core 3.11 Harmless confetti explosion creepers.
Dimensional World Border Core
Farmer's Delight Core 1.2.2 Food, cooking and new crops relating to food.
Farmer's Respite Core 1.3.0 Teas and new crops for brewing drinks.
FTB Chunks Core build.265 Landclaim chunks to protect properties.
FTB Quests Core build.191 Quests that can be completed for rewards.
Gravestone Mod Core 1.0.1 Graves that store a player's items on death.
Harder Natural Healing Core Hunger in peaceful dimensions and healing rate changes.
HT's TreeChop Core 0.17.7 Chop a whole tree down at one time by cutting the base.
Inventory Essentials Core 4.0.3
Inventory Sorter Core 19.0.4 Keybind a button that auto stacks and sorts your inventories.
PlayerRevive Core 2.0.13 Save other players (nearby) from near death.
Polymorph Core 0.46 Select output item from duplicated recipes.
Quest Additions Core 1.4.2
Simple Shops Core 1.2.1 Protected stores that player can display and sell items from.
Simple Storage Network Core 1.7.0 Enhanced and consolidated connective storage system.
Star Worm Decor Core 3.1.2 Hundreds of additional blocks and variations.
Star Worm Economy Core 1.1.1 Currency and systems for storing and transferring funds.
Star Worm Equestrian Core 1.3.0-15 Realistic horses with needs, items, decor.
Star Worm Lighting Core 2.0.3 'Glow' blocks that match MC + DM blocks with light output.
Star Worm Plus Core 2.9.0 Various QOL recipes, items and function features.
Waystones Core 10.2.1 Waystones to teleport between locations. 
Appleskin Client 2.4.1 Food saturation overlay and info on food saturation values.
Better F3 Client 3.0.0
Chatheads Client 0.6.1 Shows player head icons in chatbox and playerlist.
Connectivity Client 3.2
Controlling Client 9.0+23 Search box for keybinds to search by specific key or term.
Dynamic View Client 2.8
Edit Sign Client 2.3.1 Right-click editing for sign text.
Ferrite Core Client 4.2.2 Massively improves RAM usage - highly recommended!
HT's TreeChop - Jade Plugin Client 0.1.1 Shows the number of logs in a tree that can be broken.
Jade Client 5.3.0 Shows information on looking at blocks etc.
Jade AddOns Client 2.5.0
JEI Enchantment Info Client 1.17.1-2.0.0
JEI Integration Client
JEI Enough Effect Description Client 1.11
Just Enough Items Client Lookup item crafting recipe, or view item use in other recipes.
Just Enough Professions Client 1.3.0 Lookup items acquired from various villagers / trades.
Just Enough Resources Client
Log Begone Client 1.0.4
Mouse Tweaks Client 2.21
My Server Is Compatible Client 1.0
Shutup Experimental Settings! Client 1.0.5 Removes a (harmless) warning about experimental settings.
Skin Layers 3D Client 1.5.2 Player's skins appear 3D and different textures stand out.
Toast Control Client 6.0.3
WorldEdit Client 7.2.10 Not required on server - add for Singleplayer world.
WorldEdit CUI Client 3.1.0 Not required on server - add for Singleplayer world.
Xaero's Minimap Client 23.5.0 Optional extra map with many cool features/functions.
Xaero's Worldmap Client 1.30.6 Optional extra map with many cool features/functions.
Optifine (OPTIONAL and not recommended unless you can or will use Shaders or require it for a TXP)
Optifine Graphics HD U H9 Allows customization of graphics settings + running shaders.
Optifine Alternatives (OPTIONAL and only necessary if you can or will use Shaders or like the features they add)
Better FPS Graphics 1.5
Better Rubidium Video Settings Graphics 1.0.4 Returns Rubidium's video settings to Minecraft style.
CIT Resewn Graphics Creator's DC Only required for CIT packs.
Entity Model Features Graphics Creator's DC Only required for TXPs adding custom entity models (CEM)
Entity Texture Features Graphics 4.4.4 Emissive textures for entities.
Luscent Graphics 1.2.2 Dynamic lighting. 
Magnesium/Rubidium Extras Graphics 1.3.2 Zoom key, borderless full screen, entity culling etc.
Oculus Graphics 1.5.2 Allows use of shaders - fast loading and high-performance.
Rubidium Graphics 0.5.6 Incorporates many of Optifine's features.


View Changes

This is not a complete list of version changes / fixes. It is a changelog of relevant wiki-related version information.

MC Version Date Notes
21 August 2023

SWEM Updated to 1.3.0-15 (from 1.3.0-12)

SWPM Updated to 2.9.0 (from 2.8.1)

SWDM Updated to 3.1.2 (from 3.1.1)

29 July 2023

Removed XP from Harvest

Added Harder Natural Healing 1.18.1-

Added Inventory Sorter 1.18.2-19.0.4

SWEM Updated to 1.3.0-12 (from 1.3.0-8)

SWPM Updated to 1.8.1 (from 1.5.0)

SWDM Updated to 3.1.1 (from 3.1.0)

SWEConM Updated to 1.1.1 (from 1.1.0)

19 July 2023 SWEM updated to 1.3.0-8 (from 1.3.0-7) and SWPM updated to 1.5.0 (from 1.4.0)