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Minecraft Server Rules


This is a comprehensive overview of the server rules, intended as a reference to users or a refresher to returning players. 
These rules are subject to change at any time - any significant changes will be notified via Discord.

Server Rules

  1. No griefing, stealing, or looting properties (even if unclaimed) in the VIP, Alaharra or Rescue dimension.
  2. No NSFW in chat (public or private) or player, property, entity or item names, or signs, builds and references.
  3. No hostile actions towards players - be respectful and polite to others at all times. See conflict resolution below.
  4. No manipulation of other players - including contacting new players to acquire their rare one-time quest items.
  5. No use of mod or server exploits - report any issues you find and do not use them for your personal gain.
  6. No cheating in competitions, events or within normal game play in a way intended to give you an unfair advantage.
  7. No impatient demands of staff and services currently working within the normal 24-48hr processing times.
  8. No rudeness to staff - staff have rules to follow too, our goal is not to make your lives harder, but to protect the server.
  9. No (intentionally) following staff around while they complete their daily tasks - please let us do our work in peace.
  10. No mini-modding - you can help players to observe noted server rules but must notify a Mod+ ASAP if issues arise.
  11. Follow all directions given by a moderator+. If you want to discuss it further, contact an Admin.
    Moderator+ ranks are [CV] [CM] [K] [Q]

We will not whitelist NSFW names, or revoke whitelisting of newly NSFW names until it is changed to a SFW alternative.

Abuse of exploits or issues and circumventing the rules for personal gain will be considered a serious breach of conduct expectations. If proven, this will result in fines/confiscations, warnings, temp bans or removal of server access entirely. 

Conflict Resolution Rules

If you have a serious concern for anyone breaking server rules, not engaging appropriately, or there is a currently ongoing or potential for a dispute to arise, you can contact moderators at ANY time. You can do this in one of the following ways:
  • Tag @Mod or @Admin - this works in Discord or in-game!
  • Contact an online and on-duty Mod or Admin privately via in-game message (/tell [name] message here).
  • Contact an online Mod or Admin privately via Discord.
  • You can re-tag or message another mod/admin if the issue is escalating and needs URGENT attention.
  1. No hostile conduct is ever justified - if you feel provoked into it, you must pull back and contact a Mod+ to handle.
  2. No maliciousness or revenge, even in response to other's actions, will be tolerated.
  3. No engagement in public disputes, or interjecting into ongoing disputes unrelated to you.
  4. No bullying or targeting players for any reason.
  5. If you have personal issues with a specific player - mute or avoid them and continue about your business.

Property Rules

  1. You can claim only one starter plot in VIP dimension - and must purchase plot upgrades to move out.
    ❖ You can alter or even destroy and rebuild your starter home.
    ❖ You can have only one starter home - you must not relocate to any others for resources/fresh start.
    ❖ You can stay as long as you genuinely need it - this is usually until you have 5K in funds.
    ❖ You are responsible for relocating within 72 hours once another property has been purchased.
  2. You can currently own one property at a time, and upgrade to larger plots over time.
  3. You must claim the entirety of your property to protect your items, build and entities.
    ❖ You will receive just enough claim chunks to protect the property you currently have.
    ❖ Allocating extra claim chunks is a manual process overseen by mods/admins.
  4. You must only build within your claim limits, indicated by the stone outline of your plot.
    ❖ Blocks or decoration outside your plot will be removed and no items returned.
    ❖ You are permitted to make a simple ground-level path connection up to the road.
  5. You must not destroy blocks outside your claim limited, including the road, mailboxes etc.
  6. You must not join other players teams or make your team free to join!
    ❖ Ally players instead with /ftbteams party allies add [playername]
    ❖ Any teams noted to have non-allied members will be disbanded or members removed.
  7. You must comply with Animal and Horse welfare regulations listed HERE.
  8. You can no longer request schematics of personal plots - please take sufficient reference images of your builds.
  9. You must not plagiarize any SWE's server builds for your own use, or use on another server.
  10. Your consent is not required for builds to be in the background of any SWEM or player videos and images.
  11. Plots will be cleared after 30 days of expired membership if little to no progress has been made on the build.
  12. Plots will be cleared after 60 days of expired membership if there is significant progress/completed builds.

Animal Ownership & Welfare Rules

Exceeding the animal ownership restrictions will result in confiscation or removal of excess animals.

  1. The following restrictions are in effect across all plots and dimensions:
    ❖ You can own a maximum of 15 horses (even if boarded out)
    ❖ You can own a maximum of 8 of each livestock
    ❖ You can own a maximum of 5 of each pet
    ❖ You can own a maximum of 5 of each livestock
    ❖ You can only own ONE Horse on a starter plot.
    ❖ You can board other player's horses in excess of your horse ownership limit if you have the stall space.
  2. You are responsible for all (owned/contained) animals on your plot.
    ❖ You must have regulation accommodation for every animal in your care.
    ❖ You are subject to routine welfare checks by Mods+ at any time (without notice).
    ❖ You will receive notices to improve standards, escalating to fines or removal if non-compliant.
  3. You must re-home or make alternative arrangements for animals you cannot accommodate.
  4. You must surrender any horses that you not longer want or need to the rescue.
  5. You should use a mercy blade where possible to kill animals kindly if harvesting resources.
    ❖ Killing an animal by hand, lava, suffocation or crushing will be considered an abusive death.
  6. You should not leave Horses (any) tacked up while you are offline. Return to untack them as soon as possible.
  7. You should not leave Horses unattended while you are offline. Return to retrieve them as soon as possible.
  8. You should report any lost or wandering horses to a Mod+, or submit it to the Rescue's Lost & Found pasture.
    ❖ Do not unhitch or relocate a horse of an online player without good reason.

PVP Rules

It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe in PVP dimensions, and you should take the proper precautions by carrying under T250 and being cautious with valued animals in these zones. Mods+ cannot rescue your grave from PVP, nor negotiate a truce on your behalf. Please only report a player if they are breaking established PVP rules. If they're within those rules, we cannot and will not take action against someone using PVP as intended. It's understandable to not like PVP, or feel aggrivated if attacked, but do not submit a complaint just to spite someone following the dimension rules.

  1. No spawn camping - you must not attack players anywhere within the spawn (waystone) structure. This is a safe zone.
  2. No grave guarding - you must not prevent a player from obtaining their grave unless they attack you to do so.
  3. No trap setting - you must not set traps intended to harm a player beyond self-defense, or to obstruct their grave.
  4. No targetting - you (and any allies of yours) must not go out of your way to target specific individuals repeatedly.
  5. No hostility - you must not engage in any chat or gameplay based hostility towards anyone you killed, or who killed you!
  6. No cheating - you must not use any kind of mods, cheats or glitches that gives you an unfair advantage over others.
  7. No deceit - you must honor any agreed truce or surrender between you and another player for at least 15 minutes.
  8. No blackmail - you must not demand payment or trade of a player for safe passage through a PVP zone.
  9. Absolutely no killing of pets unless aggro'd onto you (dogs). Do NOT harm or kill another player's horse!

Other Restrictions

  1. You may not build large scale redstone, or redstone auto farms intended to gather passive resources.
  2. You may not create captive piglin trading farms - trade with naturally spawning ones only.

Dimension Rules

Dimension Gamemode PVP/PVE Difficulty Dimension-specific rules

Peaceful N/A - Players visit this dimension only once on joining (tutorial).



N/A Peaceful

You must not take from any unsecured containers, item frames or racks.

You must not claim any plots you do not own or have not purchased.

You must not loot properties, even if they appear to be vacant/unused.

Alaharra Adventure

You must not claim (FTB or otherwise) any area in Alaharra.

You must not farm any crop fields in Alaharra.

You must not try to get into restricted areas (Castle/Town Hall).

You must not take from any unsecured containers, item frames or racks.

You must not tailgate players selling or buying to or from shops.

Rescue Adventure

You must not take horses out of the Lost & Found pasture.

You must not try to get into the rescue paddocks or stalls.

Wilds Survival

You must not claim (FTB or otherwise) any area in the wilds.

You must not create any structures (builds) in the wilds.

You must not create any crop or animals farms in the wilds.

You are free to destroy and gather any natural resources.

You are free to replant trees and forest areas for wood gathering.

You may loot any chests, but must not take from any Astikor Carts.

You may use mob spawners, but must not create mob farm structures.

You may not create or enforce any personal rules of use for players.

Nether Survival

You must not claim (FTB or otherwise) any area in the nether.

You must not create any structures (builds) in the nether.

You must not create any crop or animals farms in the nether.

You are free to destroy and gather any natural resources.

You may loot any chests, but must not take from any Astikor Carts.

You may use mob spawners, but must not build mob farm structures.

End Survival

General Conduct

  1. You should avoid trespassing by jumping player's fences or cutting across their plots.
  2. You should be careful on and around others farms and animals - especially while on your horse.
  3. You should not use private facilities on player's plots, such as arenas, without permission.
  4. You should not put your horses, livestock or pets onto a player's property without permission.
  5. You should respect boundaries set by other players and do not impose (push) yourself into their business.
    We encourage friendly and cooperative gameplay, but everyone is entitled to privacy, independence and some may not want to join cooperative projects, adventures etc. This right to privacy includes being repeatedly contacted via private messages, or pressured into any activity/sale/exchange they did not initiate.


The following are not rules users are subject to, rather those that we follow as a staff/moderation team.

  1. Staff do not offer grave rescues unless you are unable to break it due to gamemode restrictions.
  2. Staff cannot resurrect or replace your horse if deceased, we can try to help you find it if lost.
  3. Staff cannot replace lost items due to mod error unless a decision is made to do so under set circumstances for ALL.
  4. Staff are subject to the same gameplay rules and restrictions as normal users - what you can't do/get, neither can we.
    The obvious exception to this is when tasked with staff-related duties.
  5. Staff have the right to protected downtime to play the server without interruption.
    An off-duty staff member (Mod+) is still expected to handle, or delegate, urgent concerns if online and present.