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Conduct Rules


All VIPs are required to:

  • Be able to install and mods unassisted, or with minimal support and redirection to existing resources.
  • Be able to read and comprehend the rules and terms of use for the server.
  • Be able to join the Star Worm Equestrian Discord in order to redeem their perks.

All VIPs are expected to:

  • Use resources provided for accessing the VIP server (Discord channel information, Wiki pages)
  • Use resources available online for using Minecraft, mods and accessing a Multiplayer server.
  • Use resources provided for a specific problem when recommended to do so (read and attempt solution).
  • Use initiative to resolve technical issues first before expecting support which is offered by volunteer helpers.
  • Remain patient and polite when requesting help in the correct assistance channels.
  • Not ping or directly message staff unless the matter is urgent* (such as a moderation issue). 
  • DC nickname change to reflect both DC + MC name, either as DC | MC or | MC | if the name is similar / identical.
  • Essential tags with relevant updates or changes, either to the VIP channels on Discord, or VIP server on Minecraft.

We will always endeavor to support our VIPs with issues they encounter - however this support is offered by volunteers with limited time, experience and work expectations. We clearly note in our disclaimer that it is not our responsibility to ensure you are able to install and use mods, or that your PC be capable of running the modpack used on our servers. Furthermore, the perk provided in exchange for your kind donation is access to the server and donator role, we do not guarantee personal, one-on-one support for issues, common problems or hardware failure - especially when ample information for solutions may be offered online. 

* Urgent is a matter of significant time-sensitive risk (moderation issue ect) - not for any personal urgency or impatience.

Minecraft Server

All VIPs are required to:

  • Request whitelisting via the Discord server.
  • Read and follow ALL server rules on first joining - this is available via the tutorial and on our Wiki.
  • Read and adhere to all direction from SW Moderators - these users display [CV] [CM] [K] or [Q] as their role.
  • Act in accordance with ALL Discord rules, including remaining SFW at all times and engaging appropriately with others.
  • Act in accordance with ALL server rules, even if a rule is not expressly stated - do not abuse or exploit on technicalities*.
  • Avoid plagiarism of content or designs; do not steal or copy others builds, or claim for use elsewhere without permission.

* Rules are always subject to change, and the intention of a user's actions count as much as the rule itself. If an action was deemed to be malicious or to circumvent established rules, consequences will be the same as breaking the rule / conduct.

Moderation & Appeal

All users are subject to moderation in line with our Discord and Minecraft server rules. In most instances, this moderation intervention will involve a reminder of the established rule, redirection to expected conduct in line with our rules, or sanctions based on serious or repetitive infringement of rules set our for the safety and enjoyment of all users, or the protection of our server and community.

Where applicable, moderation will follow our Ask, Tell, Command (ATC) guidance - offering users the opportunity to recognize an issue exists and take appropriate steps to stop or resolve the issue prior to more serious consequences occurring.

  • A moderator+ will ask the user to address the issue (+/- remind about the rule)
  • A moderator+ will tell the user to address the issue (repeat issue, or a significant rule violation)
  • An admin+ will 'command' the user to address the issue - this is the final warning prior to further sanctions or action.

Serious rule violations can result in your VIP subscription being cancelled, and potential Discord or SWE (public) sanctions.


  • SWEM can refuse and refund the subscription of any new or existing user if deemed necessary (conduct or past issues).
  • ATC procedure can be expedited in serious issues (ie trolling, destruction) or with perceived risk of escalation.


Users can contact an admin at any time to appeal (invoke a review of moderation action) - providing additional evidence to assess alongside any existing information taken by the SWEM moderation team. You are not guaranteed a change in outcome, but we will review the circumstances, action taken by moderator(s) and whether any sanction(s) are in line with our moderation standards.