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Command Functions

Note: These permissions and restrictions are primarily being developed for use in official SWE servers, but are included in the mod for others needing similar functions for server management. We are aware other mods might have added their own version of these commands, however to limit our modpack, we internalized the the ones we deemed most necessary.

Creative Flight (Gamemode Locks)

Gamemode Locks can allow creative flight to be activated within them. Upon set up, choose true (flight yes) or false (flight no).

To toggle flight, /swpm fly.
Access to this command does not require a Key.

This was primarily used for players building within their plot zones. We Gamemode Locked the dimension Plot dimensions to Adventure Mode, built premade plots, put Survival Gamemode Locks (regional) over the plots, then used FTBChunks for players to have access to edit their plot.


To teleport through an obstacle, /swpm thru.
Access to this command is given with the Mod Key.

This was primarily used for ease when building or access to staff only rooms in community service buildings as these buildings often didn't have doors to make illegal entry impossible.


OnDuty is a command to make it clear which staff are available and actively working on their tasks. Staff members that are on duty will have their chat messages in the relating color to their highest Key ranking and their name in that bolded color in the Online Player List (when pressing TAB).

To list staff currently on duty, /swpm onDuty list.
Access to this command does not require a Key.

To go on/off duty, /swpm onDuty <on/off>
This command will send a bolded message in chat.
Access to this command is given with the Mod Key.



Our staff were permitted and encouraged to play the server but struggled to find peace to play because of the players' constant wants and needs. Creating the onDuty system assisted in enforcing player respect of the staff's off duty hours while also tracking their on duty work hours.