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About SWPM

Why the Mod Started

SWE/M has grown into a collection of mods where some features, recipes, or items/blocks may seem out of place as there was no better place to put them however we really wanted them. SWPM began as a 'kitchen sink mod' where we dumped all the unfitting bits into one place to clean up the other mods we develop. This mod is mainly for the use in our own servers with our preferences, however its public if others want to use it too.

What does SWPM Include?

This mod aims to add a collective of Quality of Life Additives. 

  • QoL Recipes, Items, Blocks, and Functions


Several recipes can be found in other small standalone mods, some of which are now outdated. The Star Worm team hoped to have a consolidated mod offering a collection of QOL additions to improve gameplay and minimize the number of individual mods required for SW server modlists and community members. Where possible, all credits for the recipes themselves have been given to those who created the original recipes, or to members of the community who suggested new recipes. Additionally, all features added in are proudly credited to those who aided in their development.