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Star Worm Cobble

Description: Star Worm Cobble is a block that can be crafted into Star Worms.


Renewable: Yes


Yes (64)
Tool: Pickaxe (Any)
Blast Resistance: 6
Hardness: 1.5
Luminant: Yes
Transparent: No
Flammable: No
Flammable (Lava): No


Natural Generation
Star Worm Cobble can generate at Y level 60 and up, like stone. It is often exposed in Mountain regions. When spawned or placed it glows, so an ideal time to go searching for Star Worm Cobble is at night in the mountains, but it can also be found in other biomes and underground.

Star Worm Cobble can be broken by hand, however it is quicker and more efficient to use a pickaxe (any).

You can craft Star Worm Cobble with 8 Star Worms and 1 cobblestone block. It yields 2 Star Worm Cobble.



Crafting ingredient
Star Worm Cobble is the core ingredient to create Star Worms, a product needed to create Star Worm Goop.


Data values