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About SWLM

Why the Mod Started

Anyone who has built big on Minecraft - or even those who have not - will understand the pain of trying to keep your builds well-lit without having torches and lanterns everywhere. While the occasional torch or lantern does provide a certain ambience and decorative value, for some they can just be an eyesore.

This was something AlaharranHonor (SWLM Owner) took note of when building their castles, and it inspired the concept for the Star Worm Lighting Mod (SWLM) idea - normal blocks that offered the same glow (15 light) as glowstone but could be used seamlessly in builds as normal blocks. No longer would your roof be dark and terrifying, or dingy corners of your home spawn your ongoing demise as you continuously torched the place up like a bonfire to stay alive. 

SWLM was initially posted to CurseForge in May of 2020 for version 1.12 and was ported forward to 1.16 in 2021 for use in building the Official SWE server.

Why Star Worms?

The Owner of SWLM was looking for something that was easily obtainable in quantity, made sense, and also seemed original compared to other mods common at the time. At night, in a poorly lit castle courtyard, they looked up to the stars. Many mods used stars as their inspiration so it wasn't an option. What if that same twinkling, glowing effect were from underground and mine-able? What would that resemble in real life? Glow worms. In large enough caves, glow worm colonies can look like night skies. Original, makes sense, and easily obtainable? Bingo!

Original Inspiration Pictures




What does SWLM Include?

SWLM offers 'SW' or glowing versions of many vanilla and Star Worm modded blocks.

  • SWLM only 'versions' and effects whole blocks. It does not not 'copy' slabs, stairs, walls, or any other kind of block.
  • SWLM does not take mod or block suggestions.

It offers hundreds of blocks that, when combined with a single Star Worm Goop, can create a SW Block.

  • 311 as of 1.16.5 SWEM, SWDM, and SWPM.


When using shaders that have ambient lighting (glow / blur), SW blocks will emit light similar to torches and lanterns in a way that makes them blend far less seamlessly into builds or terrain than without shaders. Some shaders can be adapted to have a subtler effect when using SW blocks, or the ambient glow can be disabled entirely, but it is not possible for this glow to be disabled by the mod for use with shaders.