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SWEM Horse

Description: SWEM horses are passive mobs that are rideable once tamed.


Health points: 20-30

Armor points:

Behavior: Passive
Hitbox size: Adult: TBC
Baby: TBC
Spawn: Right-clicking vanilla horse with Cantazarite Potion
Items usable on: TBC


SWEM Horses can be spawned by right-clicking a vanilla horse with a Cantazarite Potion

In V1, SWEM horses must be converted and cannot be found naturally spawning. Vanilla horses are still present.


Height: 2 Blocks (Withers) - 3 Blocks (Ears)
Width: 1.2 Blocks
Length: 2.7 Blocks
Coats: Over 100 in-game variations (some of which are secret coats)

Horse appearance can be altered by cycling through the coats using Lapis (forward) or Redstone (backwards) - consuming the item(s). This can only be done once the horse is tamed, and only by the player who owns the horse. You can browse all lapis/redstone obtainable coats and information about them in the Coat Directory.


If killed, SWEM horses drop only the tack and items they were equipped with. Unlike vanilla horses, no leather is dropped on death.


Tamed and tacked-up Horses can be ridden. They do not move quickly or jump high at first, however their stats improve the more the player rides them. With enough riding, a SWEM Horse will be able to run much faster and jump much higher than the player.


Tamed SWEM Horses have slots available for a Halter/Bridle, Blanket, Saddle, Girth Strap, Breast Collar, Leg Wraps, Horse Armor or Pasture Blanket, and Saddlebag. A Horse must have a Blanket, Saddle, and Girth Strap at minimum. A Bridle is necessary to steer the horse. Failure to equip a girth strap will result in both the player and the saddle to fall off!

Equipment can be placed on the Horse by right-clicking the Horse with the piece of equipment in hand, or by opening the inventory GUI (shift + right click a SWEM horse) and placing the item in its designated slot. Just like real life, tack needs to be equipped in a logical order: bridle first, saddle blanket, saddle then girth. Breastcollar and wraps are optional. If a horse is already wearing a tack piece and the player shift + right clicks holding an item to swap with a currently equipped tack piece, the item will be 'hotswapped' without opening the GUI.


A SWEM horse wearing adventure tack and a saddlebag.


Once a horse has all the necessary equipment on, it can be controlled with standard directional controls, jump (spacebar) and the mouse. The player can dismount by pressing shift. Two players can ride a horse (dual riding) if the horse settings are set to all or trusted, which requires the player to be set as trusted via commands. When the primary rider dismounts, the secondary rider will take control of the horse. A player can place a passive entity, such as livestock or villagers, on the back of their horse (Ctrl + Right click to place, shift + right click to remove after dismounting).

SWEM Horses have five gaits (movements at different speeds and paces) the player can control when riding. By default, the gait is increased with H and decreased with G.

Gait Speed Universal Notes
Walk 3bps Yes
Trot 5bps Yes
Canter 11bps Yes Horses that are hungry or thirst will not be able to canter+.
Extended Canter 13-17bps No
Gallop 13-27bps No

Gallop can be used for a set amount of time, dependent on speed level.

It has a cooldown after use, during which time the horse cannot gallop.

Swimming N/A Yes

Horses will swim when the water depth is greater than 1 Block

  • Continues to swim if dismounted, and can be remounted again
  • 1+ block increment steps are required to get out of water
  • Cannot jump or increase speed or gaits while in the water
  • SWEM horses do not take drowning damage if submersed

Note: Universal speed refers to a gait that is unaffected by the speed level. This is implemented to allow players to ride together (trails, team sports) on servers regardless of their horse's skills. 

Leading & Cross Ties

SWEM Horses can be led using a lead or lead & anchor. Leading mechanics are vanilla and are not altered by SWEM - more advanced leading AI is planned for V2 if possible. SWEM horses also have a unique cross tie feature that is not possible with other entities; attach a SWEM horse to a fence or hitching post to tether them. Get a second lead and connect it to another nearby post - the horse will be pulled to a somewhat central position between the two connections. When right clicking the post to disconnect, both leads will be disconnected and drop nearby.


SWEM horses engage in idle wandering (at a walk) or standing still or 'looking around' most of the time, occasionally displaying idles such as tail swishing, itching and shaking. Other idle animations such as grazing and laying down are accessible only via RRP commands at this time. Occasionally horses will pee or poop (resulting in pee puddles and poop piles) on the ground or any shavings nearby.

Tamed horses have food and water requirements, and will path to accessible food or water sources when hungry or thirsty. Eating grass will turn grass blocks to dirt blocks and ground water will be depleted unless an infinite water source is present.

When attacked or taking injury, horses can rear or kick. Kicks deal image-1639093887609.pngimage-1639093887609.pngimage-1639095022531.png damage.

Known Issue: Harmed horses may kick others nearby, who might kick back. This can cause a potentially fatal kick-off if not intercepted.


To tame a horse it must be ridden until it no longer rears or bucks in response to the attempts. Similar to vanilla, it will require a randomized number of attempts per horse in order to successfully tame the horse - and as SWEM horse kicks can pack a punch, the rider should be prepared to back up quickly if bucked off! Once tamed horses will have needs (feed and water) as well as skills (affinity, jump, speed and health) with zero experience points initially.


SWEM Horses can be bred using an open bag of sweetfeed. When both horses are in love mode, in close range and able to path to one another they will create a foal. In V1 the process is 'vanilla-style'; the foal will be born immediately and follow a randomly selected nearby adult horse. Adults will have a brief breeding cooldown period.
Foals will not gradually grow, and transition from foal to adult after a configurable ageing duration which can be accelerated with sweetfeed. Foals have no need requirements, do not pee or poop and cannot be ridden or tacked (including halters). Foals are born with a reduced number of base coats, and will 'roll' for an adult coat that bears similarity to their foal coloration.

Bonding and Skills

The player earns a SWEM horse's trust by providing it with water and food, and by spending time riding it. The desensitizing items bells, hoolahoop, pom pom, shopping bag, and tarp speed up the bonding process. Affinity XP bottles increase affinity by 50 each time one is used on a horse. Affinity decreases after a time is the horse receives improper care or is injured when ridden.

You can find out more information about this in Bonding and Skills.


Refusals, observed as bucking or rearing, may happen when a horse is asked to change gaits or jump an obstacle. There is a dramatically higher chance of this happening in lower affinity horses, but is also possible in horses at higher or even maxed affinity. 


When interacting with a SWEM Horse, there is 5 different particles that can appear.




Not Favorable


Eh, Okay





"Bad" "Ech" "Meh" "Yay" "Woot"



SWEM horses have 10 hearts (20 HP) at level 1.

In V1 release, health can only be levelled by potions or creative commands until an improved feed system is implemented.

Movement speed

You can find out more information about this in Bonding and Skills.

Jump Height

You can find out more information about this in Bonding and Skills.

Data values